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Current Research Project: Dr.Hiroko Kawanami Awarded Robert H. N. Ho Research Grant

Dr Hiroko Kawanami was recently awarded the Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Collaborative Research Grant in Buddhist Studies(2014-16) in conjunction with American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS). Her research project is titled: “Communal Jurisdiction of Non-ordained Female Renunciants in the Southern Buddhist Tradition: Myanmar-Burma, Thailand, and Sri Lanka”. The Foundation received 132 applications globally… Read more »

Current Research Project: Building Buddhism in England

Dr Emma Tomalin and Caroline Starkey (University of Leeds, Centre for Religion and Public Life) are working on an English Heritage funded research project about Buddhist buildings in contemporary England. These buildings are currently under-researched, yet provide a fascinating lens through which to view the development of Buddhist communities on these shores. The project runs… Read more »

Current Research Project: The Little Book of Buddhist Humour

John Negru (Karma Yonten Gyatso), publisher of Sumeru Books, and Charles Prebish are collecting a series of anecdotal stories for inclusion in a book that they are editing called “The Little Book of Buddhist Humor.” In difficult times, they feel that the Buddhist world has the opportunity to contribute to and inject some happy, Buddhist-inspired… Read more »

Current Research Project: The Story of Story in Early South Asia: Character and Genre across Hindu, Buddhist and Jain Narrative Traditions

University of Edinburgh; Cardiff University AHRC Funded Project, 2013-2015 The Story of Story in Early South Asia: Character and Genre across Hindu, Buddhist and Jain Narrative Traditions In this research project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, Dr Naomi Appleton (University of Edinburgh) and Dr James Hegarty (Cardiff University) take up characters, lineages… Read more »

Authorship, Originality and Innovation in Tibetan Scriptural Revelations: a Case Study from the Dudjom Corpus.

University of Oxford, Faculty of Oriental Studies AHRC funded project, 2010-2014 Authorship, originality and innovation in Tibetan Scriptural Revelations: A case study from the Dudjom Corpus. This project explores the complex, multilateral processes involved in the initial production and subsequent literary expansion of revealed Tibetan Buddhist scriptures, processes which can extend over several generations. Typically,… Read more »