Publishers of Books on Buddhism

Web-sites of publishers and distributors of books on Buddhism

  • Routledge Critical Studies in Buddhism
  • Aukana Trust Publishers of books on Theravada Buddhism
  • Bagchee Associates Indian publishers based in West Bengal.
  • Buddhist Publication Society Publishers of books and pamphlets relating to Theravada Buddhism, based in Sri Lanka.
  • University of Hawaii Press
  • Indian Book Centre
  • Pali Text Society
  • Vedams Books International Indian publishers based in New Delhi. Its web-site gives table of contents of books and excerpts from jacket or preface.
  • Windbell Publications Publish works of Dogen Zenji
  • Wisdom Books UK based, with on-line catalogue. World-wide. All traditions.
  • Zolag (formerly Triple Gem Press) Small publisher of Theravada texts.