Digital Editions of the Pali Canon & Commentaries

Digital edition of the Pali Text Society edition of the Pali Canon on CD-ROM, with Search engine:Palitext version1.0: CD-ROM for PCs
Produced by and available from:
The Dhammakaya Foundation,
Khlong Luang,
Thailand, 12120

ISBN 974-8235-87-4

Digital edition of the Thai version of the Pali Canon and its Commentaries on CD-ROM, with Search engine:

A copy of the Thai Tripitaka and its commentaries. As yet, without cross-referencing to pagination of Pali Text Society editions.

Developed by staff at Mahidol University Computing Center, Thailand.:
Dr Supachai Tangwongsan,
Director, Mahidol University Computing Center
Tel: (662)247-0333
Fax: (662)246-7308

For detailed information:
Gopher to:
and on the main menu, select the topic: BUDSIR
world wide web:

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The price for individuals is $299.00 + $6.00 Freight charge (around $600 for institutions)

To purchase, send fax or email Mahidol or to:
Ms Linda Massey,
The American Academy of Religion,
819 Houston Mill Road,
Atlanta, GA 30329


Or to:

Scholars Press.
Electronic Publications Ordering Department
P.O. Box 15399
Atlanta, Georgia 30333-0399
Fax 404/727-2348
The ordering Code is 01 80 20 a.

Vipassana Research Institute (VRI) Chattha Sangaya (Sixth Council) Edition
CD including commentaries and sub-commentaries, 135 volumes, in Roman, Burmese and Devanagri scripts
Available spring or early summer 1997
For information:
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Sri Lanka Tipi.taka Project (SLTP) of the International Buddhist Research and Information Centre (IBRIC) :
a complete set of the Buddha Jayanti Tripitaka edition, originally in Sinhala script, together with Paracanonical works and the Visuddhimagga. Available on-line from the Journal of Buddhist Ethics web-site, which can be accessed from the ‘Links to other sites’ page on this site. This electronic edition is not yet fully proof-read, but the files can be freely down-loaded for personal use.